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The child was only four. Her mother was a teacher in an Illinois one-room school in 1922. Students from all grades scrambled through the lone entrance to take their seats as the young teacher stoked the fire.

No one noticed the child as she disappeared behind a battered, discarded desk that seemed to swallow her small frame. The child was content. Her eyes sparkled as her delicate fingers pulled out a worn box. Inside were Crayolas given to her mother as samples, old used paper, scissors and last year's Sears, Roebuck catalog.

These were her toys and her playground - and she was in paradise. Day after day she drew and cut and created in that little corner, gratified and happy. Thus, the evolution of an artist. The child exuded art. . . .

Today, Corinne Loeh is applauded as a master multimedia artist and a renowned art educator who has studied at over 15 major universities throughout the United States, Mexico and Europe.

As an artist, she chose her own mentors. For months she lived with a Native Indian family as she learned to sculpt and paint with them. Later she traveled to Aberbanc, Wales, where she lived and worked with Mary Lloyd Jones, an accomplished painter and fiber artist.

Especially cherished is the time she spent living in Mexico where she studied color and design. Extended study in Rhode Island and a summer at Nantucket School of Design inspired her New England pieces.

As an art educator, Corinne Loeh gained national recognition for her Awareness Program in Art, K-12, which focuses upon Art as an integrating factor in learning.

Artist Loeh has shown her work in Illinois, Arizona and New England and her portfolio boasts hundreds of pieces, all available to you as high-quality giclee prints to hang in your home or gallery.

Her pieces display bold colors and reflect unique textures perfect for decor. Some are pure design void of subject matter while others interpret subject matter in an unusual, individual style.

Select combinations of pieces are available as Suites integrating harmonious color and design throughout a room or space. Ms. Loeh's versatility allows a buyer to fill every room with diversity, color and design. The buyer may purchase a piece framed or unframed, ranging in size from 8" x 10" to 32" x 44".

You distinguish yourself as a discriminating art connoisseur by purchasing a CLO Arts giclee print. Congratulations!